We help build you a consistent and recognizable brand across all social platforms

Community Building

Building a community is one of the key factors in any successful projects


The way you deliver your mission to your audience will determine how they react to what you are offering


Elevated District brings social media and community solutions to your blockchain startup. We build, implement, and manage social media strategies specific to your business in order to help you build/maintain a community, increase social engagement, and create a digital footprint. In order to accomplish these goals, we implement unique social media strategies designed by Nye, a blockchain enthusiast and content creator who grew his social engagement to 10 million impressions per month in under 5 months. We have relationships and work directly with the top influencers in the space to help build social brand awareness and stimulate organic community growth.


At Elevated District, we stress the importance of organic community growth. There are too many projects in the blockchain space that try to take shortcuts when it comes to community growth and building a social status. While this may look good on paper, it never works in the long run. We will never use bots, purchase followers, or use any tactic for social growth that is morally questionable. We believe that social engagement and community growth should come from REAL people.



CEO & Founder



Within the blockchain industry, Nye brings unique value and perspective through his style and influence. That is why we worked with Nye to position TEMCO differently from other projects. We enjoyed working with Nye.

Joey (Business Development at Temco)